Holistic Retirement Coach

transitioning into a new life with intention

Hello, I help professionals transition into a purposeful retirement lifestyle by working with the mental side, the inner game, of retirement.

Some lifechanges and transitions are too important to muddle through alone. Retirement could be up to a third of your lifespan and needs a fair degree of due diligence! This is what I do. I partner with you to work through and create through vision and action your next chapter of life.

What is next for you?

Whether you liked your career or not, the prospect of 'retirement' is a very different one. There is evidence for both positive and negative health outcomes post retirement.

If you are thinking about deliberately planning and crafting your entry into retirement then you are in the right place.

What do you need to consider?

Can you afford to retire? What will you do when your structure vanishes? How will you navigate the unformed days after the initial 'holiday' period? What are your thoughts and feelings telling you about this time, and are they serving you?

It might be useful to have a thinking partner at this time!

A Thinking Partner

Coaching is... "a future focused conversation between two people working in partnership in service of the thinking of one of them". (Claire Pedrick MCC)

I will coach you through your options, best mindset for the job at hand, and creation of a whole bespoke new lifestyle.

" I am amazed at the dynamic nature of retirement in the 21st century,

as well as the critical importance that psychological factors play in the transition to retirement."

(Kenneth S Shultz PhD 2016)

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