Hello again,

It seems to be compulsory to have some personal information on a website.

I am Richard Ingate and have spent most of my professional life in Education both in the UK and Malaysia. I still teach part time for the British Council and INTO University of East Anglia.

I have also worked in many other jobs, from hospital cleaner to hypnotherapist. But then, as I am in my 60s, I have had time to do a lot of things!

Personally, I am a lifelong Buddhist, and student of Tai Ji Quan and both of these profoundly shape my understanding of Life and Coaching and the connection between the two.

I am interested in 'the examined life' and how going deeper into how we experience ourselves ( which includes 'mindsets') and the world, can change how we experience ourselves and the world. This can usefully lead to a different and more meaningful engagement with our lives as well as better results, more grace, resilience, and resourcefulness in navigating the difficult times.

Currently, I am working towards accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) . In the end coaching is about being here and now and present with the 'thinker / coachee'.

You can connect with me on Linkedin